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1:1 Three Month Journey

Be guided through a three month journey of self reflection, healing and deep transformation.

Work with Breelyn one-on-one over the course of three months for a more supportive awakening and healing experience. 

In this safe container you will be lovingly guided to become more grounded and embodied in your human form, feel through emotional and physical trauma, become more aware, confident and bloom into your divine authentic self!

Throughout this journey you will receive: 

- 3 monthly calls with Breelyn

- 3 monthly customized flower essence formulas to address your specific needs

- 3 distant energy healing sessions

- 1 personalized light language transmission for your unique intention

- ongoing support from Breelyn via messenger over the duration of the three months

- final video call and closing ceremony

Energy healing, flower essences and light language are all wonderful modalities that can assist us in countless ways. 

*This is an over $1200 value that I am currently offering for $1000*

Are you experiencing physical or emotional distress or pain? Do you feel stuck, afraid, unsure of what you are doing here on this planet? Are you disconnected from yourself? Do you want to make changes in your life but don't know how or where to start? 

Having someone to help guide us through these obstacles can be very beneficial for our healing. 

To bloom is a beautiful process of becoming.

Are you ready to become more of who you are? 

You can contact me through email to find out more or to begin your journey.

It would be my honour to work with you!

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