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Oracle ~ Energy Healer ~ Angelic Healer ~ Usui Reiki Master

Flower Essence Practitioner ~ Embodiment Teacher ~ Light Language Channel

Breelyn Johnston is recognized globally as a certified Energy Healer, Angelic Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner and Embodiment Teacher. She is an intuitive oracle and channel, priestess, witch and poet.

Breelyn has studied with world-renowned teachers across the globe and works daily in communion with mother earth, the angels and her spirit guides. She uses the modalities and tools from her vast alternative healing background during sessions with clients to support them in achieving their unique spiritual and wellness goals. 

Breelyn is an old intuitive soul who bases her primary teachings on past life memories of being an oracle, sacred priestess, witch and healer. She has learned much from her grandmother in this lifetime who is also a healer and channeller of tongues. 

With these ancestral gifts, memories and the training and knowledge she has acquired, Breelyn assists others in connecting to their truth, soul essence, highest possible timeline and authentic expression. She does this by becoming a channel for divine spirit guidance—helping clients find the clarity and healing that they desire. 

Breelyn has dedicated her life to deepen her own healing and to helping others who wish to do the same. She is a self-love activist passionately creating a legacy of love and magic through her work on this beautiful planet.

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