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The Greatest Love Story Ever Told: Balancing The Divine Feminine With The Divine Masculine

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

I was woken up in the middle of the night on December 6, 2018, to write this channelled story. More than a year later the messages within still resonate deeply.

Once upon a time…in our Universe long, long ago… there was a Mother.

We were all connected to her because we all came from her. Her infinite source of light, her womb, her Divine feminine love. She was a Goddess and we were all Gods and Goddesses made in the image and likeness of her. We were all brothers and sisters you see. We felt each other's happiness and sorrow very deeply. We loved each other as we loved our Mother, Gaia- Mother Earth, as we loved ourselves. For if She made us, then we were made perfect just the way we are.

At this time, we worshipped the Source, the Planets, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Solstices, Equinoxes, and the Gods and Goddesses. We gathered together around warm fires, giving thanks for the wondrous supply of food and drink our Mother provided us. We performed ceremonies, and rituals. We sang, we danced, we celebrated love and life.

The world was at peace. There was a balance between the masculine and feminine energies. For the women needed men to look after and protect them with their undeniable courage and strength. And the men needed the women for their nurturing and comforting love, affection, and support.

Back in this time, the Holy Trinity was that of Mother, Maiden and Matron. The Matron, or the Wise Woman, was who the villagers would go to for advice, among many other things. Usually a healer, a teacher, a counsellor, a midwife- she was the Old Wise One and held in the highest regard. Women were respected for their connection to the Divine Source, to Divine Wisdom, to their Mother, to their sexuality, and to their creativity. Women, with the help of men, have the ability to create life inside of them. Just as the original Goddess birthed all creation. That womb they possess is where we all came from — every one of us. We were all created from that light in the darkness of the womb. That light and the womb space power lives in all of us. All men, women, and non-binary individuals, but the physical womb exists in all women. That power — the womb power — is an undeniable force not to be reckoned with. But you see, there was an extreme shift on this planet. Thoughts began to collectively drift away from love to its opposition of greed and fear. And so the imbalance began. Men started to become jealous of the vast intuitive abilities that women possessed. The patriarchy created a religion that opposed most of their previous practices and beliefs.

For it was no longer the Mother, the Maiden, the Matron. It became the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Most of the previously worshipped Goddesses became saints. But now there was only one God, and he was a man. He decided if you were pure enough to go to heaven or to suffer for all eternity in the fiery pits of hell. So fear ensued.

People did as the preachers and men in power declared. Women who still gathered in circles of prayer had to be discreet, as worshipping any other God or Goddess was now considered heresy. Men realized that they were also capable and wanted to be doctors and healers as well. But they were threatened by women's innate natural gifts and connection to the Universe and decided that women would not be allowed to get an education. Only men could go to school to become doctors. Women were slowly being pushed out of the way and repressed.

The women were still present. Their beauty, their femininity, their hearts, and their power still existed within each and every one of them. And the men noticed. How could they not? They noticed the way their Divine bodies made them feel. It scared them. Women's natural sacred sexual essence was undeniable and the feeling it gave men made them question everything.

It made them want to cheat, made them go mad. But they didn't blame themselves for their lack of self-control. Oh no, they blamed the women for the fear they had, their lack of restraint. They needed to have authority, they wanted to have all of the power.

Since Eve was easily tempted by the devil once, or so they claimed, it wasn't hard to believe that every temptress was in cahoots with the devil. Seeing as women were apparently so easily manipulated. And if the beautiful woman was conspiring with the devil, then she would undoubtedly be deemed a witch. All women who stirred unwanted feelings in a man would be perceived as such. Sexuality soon became a sin, and women were forced to suffer for their apparent association with the devil.

The women who were healers and midwives and helped to ease the pain of labour were called witches. The women who gathered at night under the moon were called witches. The women who showed too much emotion or lacked respect were called witches. Witches were considered evil and therefore needed to be exterminated. So the men would capture these innocent women. They would shave them, beat and torture them, often in the town square, until they were in such agony they would confess. Sometimes even being forced into giving names of other faultless women to be violently interrogated next. They would hang them, drown them, and burn them alive.

Women were now living in constant fear of the men who once protected them. The rise of the masculine power, and the suppression of the feminine created a world with more fear, anger, competitiveness, wars, and dominance over that of love.

While in most stories and fairy tales, witches continue to be depicted as old and ugly evil beings, we have of course made much progress since then. Women can now go to school, work, and since 1920 can vote. Although things have changed for the better, we still live in a society where women often feel repressed.

As a young girl in grade school, I remember being sent home if I was wearing shorts that weren't past my fingertips. Or if I was wearing a shirt that accidentally showed my bra strap. The teachers didn't want boys to see and start feeling "feelings" again. Because of this, as young girls, we were subconsciously being taught that our bodies were something to be hidden, and something to be ashamed of. Young boys were, therefore, being taught that they too were allowed to tell women what they should or shouldn't wear, or what they should or shouldn't do. Young boys are shown that women don't have power over their own bodies, so consequently, they can treat women's bodies as "less than" their own. These unfortunate subconscious programs are far from true. We as women and men are beautiful free creatures and creators with gorgeous souls and bodies. We can be both awed and respected.

Instead of merely teaching girls to cover up, we should be teaching both young boys and girls about self-esteem and self-worth. About consent, having and communicating boundaries, and taking responsibility for our actions and how they affect others. To appreciate and respect each other for who we are.

We should be taught about our own sacred sexuality — our connection to the Earth and to the Divine. We should teach about the witch trials, about the true stories of our religions and ancestors. About the rise and fall of both the masculine and feminine power. We need to be educated on healing and forgiving. We need to be taught how to hold each other's hands again and to remember how to love one another.

This me-too movement that has been quite prominent in the past few years has made quite a (cauldron) stir. It is truly wonderful to see women coming together to support one another in sharing their stories. It is so important for women to speak up, and to reclaim their strength and voices. But what we have to remember is that there needs to be genuine alignment with the masculine and feminine energies. This doesn't mean the demise of the masculine. This merely means the rise of the subdued feminine so we can find true balance again. We are all remarkable Divine spiritual beings, and the fact of the matter is, we need each other. We have to replace all of the fear and the hate that exists within our hearts and on this planet with all of the love that exists — all of the love that we came from.

Every individual possesses masculine and feminine qualities and energies. Whether you identify as a man or a woman, transgender, straight, gay, bisexual, or don't resonate with the label of a gender or sexual preference at all, whatever name you want to give yourself, or category you feel that you fall into, we must remember that yes — we are all extremely unique — but that we all came from the same place. And that we are all still connected so deeply. We are all truly one.

The womb space we all possess, just like the womb of The Mother that we all came from, gives us all the ability to create too. Once we finally, come together again and remember how Divine, how loved, how sovereign, how unlimited we all are — that is when we can collectively create and birth this new paradigm of Heaven on Earth. We need to encourage and help each other to heal from all of our past pain and trauma so that we can create this utopia. This balance of the courageous strength and powerful masculine energies and the nurturing intuitive powerful feminine energies that exist. If we each take the time to do the work to heal and find the love and balance within ourselves, then we too can together create the love and balance that is so deeply needed on this planet right now.

So let this be a story, the greatest love story ever told, of how the Divinely powerful human beings on planet earth overcame all of their inner fears and obstacles and joined together in unity. All of the people, in true balance and harmony.

It is possible for us brothers and sisters to once again come together. To laugh to dance, to sing and praise and worship each other. To forgive, to respect, and to love each other unconditionally, with the deepest most compassionate form of light and love.

For that is truly where we came from, that is where we will go, and that is what our Mother would have wanted for us all!

The End.

Artist unknown

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