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Free Movement | Connection to our Sacred Sensual Selves

How does your body desire to move?

As both men and women - but especially as women - we are constantly scrutinized about how we are “supposed” to be.

We are told what we should or shouldn’t do, how we should look, what we should wear or say, and how we should move. But this is all bull sh*t. Programming, and conditioning from generation upon generation.

I have personally had to heal and release past and current life traumas around all of this. Free movement, self-love, and pleasure practices continue to assist me in navigating these issues. I have reached a place of breakthrough, full surrender, and trust. My desire is to share these understandings and inspire others who feel the call to also connect with themselves in a more expansive way.

The truth is there is no “right” way to be as a woman, man, or non-binary individual. The only right way for you is to be however you want to be. However, you desire to live and to move. And to shine your extraordinary light out into the world.

I encourage you to connect more deeply with your heart and your body and tune into your unique rhythm. Through connecting to our bodies we can tap into worlds of bliss, ecstasy and pleasure within ourselves.

Connecting to our bodies and our authentic movement can be such a healing practice. It can help move out trauma, stress, and tension - increasing the flow of life force within you. It can help you to further connect to yourself in a more sacred way, not to mention, it’s a lot of fun!

I try to dance and move my body in whichever way I feel called to daily. This has helped immensely in my journey (sometimes moving super loose and silly and other times more connected and sensually - again there is no right or wrong here). This is a practice of tuning into myself to see what wants to flow through my divine human vessel.

And so I ask, how does your sacred body desire to move?

Allow yourself to do so freely. Connect to your body in a more pleasurable way. It is your birthright to experience yourself in its entirety. Because all of the should or shouldn’ts only exist if you allow them to.

All my Love,


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