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Healing Is Not Linear

Updated: Mar 24

I don’t know who else needs to hear this. But I want to remind you that HEALING IS NOT LINEAR.

It is normal to be triggered and have residual trauma and lingering feelings come up even after years of doing healing work.

Being triggered again doesn’t mean that all of your efforts were for nothing. Even recognizing triggers is progress.

Like everything else in life, healing takes time. It will get easier and easier as you move through everything.

Everybody’s journey is different. But I truly believe that although life isn’t always fair, we are never given anything that we can’t handle. The depths that you’ve suffered creates more space for the amount of pleasure, joy and love you can experience here.

When you’re triggered just remember to tune into yourself and give yourself whatever it is that you may need in that present moment to feel ok. Self-love all the way baby!

Whether that be setting a boundary, forgiving yourself, rewarding yourself for recognizing it, calling your counsellor or therapist, taking a me-day, making yourself a healthy meal (or your favourite dessert), spending time with loved ones, prayer, connecting to the earth, journaling etc.

Remember, it’s normal to be triggered. We are human. Life and healing is hard. But you’ve got this. Always have patience and be gentle with yourself. You are deeply loved.

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