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Less Perfection, More Authenticity

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

This idea of "perfection" is a program I have been trying to dissolve and heal from almost my whole life in this incarnation.

I believe that many of us from a very young age have been conditioned with the belief that we as ourselves are not enough.

This idea has been penetrated and lodged deep into our brains through advertising, media, television, movies, magazines, music, etc, etc. We are taught that “perfection” needs to be bought, applied, injected, plucked, shaved, corseted, dieted, exfoliated- we are taught that beauty is pain and oh how we have suffered. These conflicting contradicting ideologies of beauty have left many of us in a state of confusion and inadequacy. And how could they not?

In observing myself and looking back on my life, I can see how this programming has affected almost every aspect of my experience on this planet. I have no regrets, as I have learned much through overcoming eating disorders, depression, and self-harm. I have become the person that I am today through these dark times. I have healed so much and learned to love myself fully. And I continue to heal as I believe healing is a journey and not a destination we finally get to.

I am not perfect. And I will never claim to be. There are days I feel like I can’t even get out of bed. And there are also days that I am beyond grateful and blessed to be breathing! Life is not linear. Healing is not linear. And I think in accepting all of the parts of us, we allow others to do the same! It's funny, I can now see how there is more "perfection" in our "imperfections." I believe that true freedom lies in accepting and loving all aspects of ourselves - not in trying to fix, change, or repressing anything - but in embodying ourselves as whole.

So let’s stop editing ourselves for likes. Let’s stop trying so hard to show others how well put together we are. Let’s just be our authentic, unique, honest, raw and messy selves. Let’s love every single part of us that we were taught was a “flaw.”

Let’s not fall victim to the lies and programming any longer because we are more than enough! And because let’s be honest, perfection is boring anyway.

Artist unknown

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