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Pleasure and Flower Essences

Pleasure can be joy and happiness, it can also be sexual or stimulating. Pleasure can look like a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Enjoyment. Laughter. Bliss.

Exhilaration. Relaxation.

Sensual gratification. Indulgence.

Delight. Ecstasy. Rapture.

There isn’t one right way to experience pleasure.

It is however, your birthright to experience this if you so choose.

You were born a human being with a magnificent body. You have senses, you have desires, you have needs.

Being human we also inevitably experience trauma. When we experience sexual trauma or betrayal of any kind - this stays stuck in our system. It is common to hold a lot of guilt, shame, and pain around our personal relationship to pleasure. But it's these blocks that keep us from our truest nature. When we are connected to our pleasure we are alive, turned on, and fully embodied in our whole divine selves. The sky is bluer, your food tastes better, and the grass is greener on every side - no matter what angle you’re looking at it from.

There are many flower essences to help us release the pain and resistance we may have to experiencing ourselves in our entirety. You can read about a few of these incredible flower essences below.

White Hyssop Essence - helps to release layers of guilt that are keeping you from fully accessing pleasure and joy.

Sticky Monkey-Flower Essence - helps to support you in the healing of sexual intimacy.

Calla Lily Essence - helps support you sexually so that you can be engaged more fully with your own experience or with a lover. (This flower essence is available in our shop).

Penstemon Essence - helps to move out grief and old emotions that have been stuck in the body and helps to restore pleasure after a long time without it.

If you are interested in trying flower essence healing, or any of these flower essences, please feel free to reach out to me. I am currently offering sessions through email where you will receive a customized formula made specifically for you.

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