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We're All Just Like The Clouds

I was woken up early this Sunday morning to write this...

When we look up, we all see the same sky. Albeit there may be more clouds from where you’re standing depending on where you are or your perspective on the world.

In my opinion, there are no “bad” people or “good” people.

It serves no one to focus on other people's flaws, to focus on our differences or other people’s failures. We are all so nuanced and multifaceted.

To only notice our differences and the mistakes people make speaks more volumes about who you are and where you’re at in your journey than anything you could truly know about another’s soul.

Would you want someone to sum you up to all the mistakes you’ve made in your life? Don’t you deserve more than that? And if you do, then don’t they too?

When anything occurs, does your mind go straight to the negative? Does it zero in on what is wrong with the situation? Or do you focus on the possibility of what good could come from it instead?

Chances are that if you focus on the dark, you haven’t yet faced the darkness within yourself.

We are all one. We all have light and dark within us. Until you recognize this truth, you will struggle to make sense of this world. You will continue to suffer.

I assure you that if you were able to zoom out from earth, you would see things from a more neutral perspective.

You would be able to see that the secret to this matrix doesn’t lie in more division or separation. It lies in more unity and love.

It lies in finding acceptance and compassion for yourself and your fellow sisters and brothers. In finding similarities rather than differences and learning how to relate to one another.

We are all made of the earth and stars.

We all wish to be loved.

We all know what it’s like to be hurt, to make mistakes, to feel pain and pleasure.

We are all saints and sinners.

We all bleed red.

We all breathe the same air until one day we don’t anymore.

And after we die, we all go back to the same place from which we came.

From dust to dust.

We are nothing yet everything at the same time.

Reflections of each other.

Shifting, changing.

Floating through life.

One minute we’re here,

Another we’re not.

Like the clouds...

We’re all just like the clouds.

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