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Black Lace Elderberry Flower Essence

Black Lace Elderberry Flower Essence

Black Lace Elderberry Essence is an uplifting essence that helps us to see our connection to all things. Like a spider's web she supports us to see the intricate dance of life - the detailed weaving in and out of all of our synchronistic experiences, and the magical intertwining of all that is. She helps us to recognize and better understand our spiritual relation to the Earth and all beings. 


“Take up space - like lace it’s all connected.”


This flower essence supports us in the expansion of who we are; helping us to take up more space when we might feel insecure about doing so. She supports our hearts and minds to open more fully, and can help us to make connections with others and with spirit. 


Black Lace Elderberry Essence can help us to more clearly realize our role in the cosmic web of life. From this place of understanding and our open sacred heart and mind, she then supports us to be able to cast, create, expand and manifest more potently. 


She can also help us with mental focus - when we need support in having more clear and concise thoughts, deep contemplation, and/or breaking things down to better understand more detailed work or experiences. She can support us to see the totality of a situation.


This flower essence is closely connected to the healing of the witch lineage, the spider, the air and fire elements, and the heart and third eye chakras.


    This flower essence is a wonderful ally for all beings who wish to better understand their oneness with the Universe and the role in which they are here to play. She can help us to take up more space and open our hearts and minds - supporting us to make deeper connections with the earth, others and spirit. She can also help with mental focus and finding clarity in times of confusion, overwhelm and feelings of disconnection.


    Though flower essences can be taken and used in many ways, the suggested dosage for adults when working with Black Lace Elderberry Flower Essence is to take 3 drops, 3 times a day.

    Dosage Level:

    Dosage Level Bottles are ready to be taken as drops right from the bottle.

    Stock Level Bottles are to be further diluted for use. (These can be diluted in a glass of water to be sipped on throughout the day, or you can make your own dosage bottles).

    Enjoy the Earth Magic!


    There will be no returns, refunds or exchanges on products or offerings. However, please contact me if you have any problems with an order. Thank you. 


    Flat Rate Shipping to Canada and Internationally.

    Shipping times may vary.


    This is a 0.5 oz glass bottle of Black Lace Elderberry Flower Essence, spring water, and conventional brandy (used for preservative).

    This essence is charged with the sun, reiki, light language, healing energy from my spiritual and earthly team and I, and is sealed with the utmost earth magic love!

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    These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. 

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