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Channeled Light Language Transmission For Your Personal Intention

Channeled Light Language Transmission For Your Personal Intention

The origin of Light Language is known as speaking in tongues to some religions and shamanic practices throughout the world. Both speaking in tongues and Light Language are based on channeling higher frequency information of Love. 


Light Language is a multidimensional language that is understood on a soul level. It is channeled frequencies of sound and light encodements that are extremely powerful and activating and can be used for all forms of healing and intention setting. 


Light Language interacts with your energy field and triggers a response that your higher self initiates which helps to balance your vibration in the moment.


This Language of Light is received on an unconscious level and can help to break through mental barriers by bypassing the limitations of the mind and releasing energetic blockages, helping us to open the heart and receive the healing we need for our greatest good. Light Language is a powerful catalyst for the ascension of humanity and supporting us in reaching/embodying this higher vibrational frequency of Love. 


I will channel a Light Language transmission specifically for you based on your unique needs or intention. These transmissions can be used to promote more self-love and confidence, to bring in clarity, to help soothe or uplift you. They can address emotional, physical, mental or spiritual healing, releasing blockages, balancing chakras, opening psychic centres and intuitive abilities, activating DNA, supporting you to become more heart-centred, or any intention that you hold. 


I will connect to your higher self to ensure that the session will be exactly what you need to receive for your highest good and the highest good of all. 

I will channel the Light Language Transmission for anywhere from 5-10 minutes, and then send you the voice note audio recording (MP4) through email. This can be downloaded to your computer and played again and again. Each time you interact with a transmission your energy field is different so it affects you according to your present needs. Having this recording can help support you greatly throughout your lifetime. 

*Note: Please give me at least 72 hours to get you your transmission. 


Ever since I began channeling this multidimensional language my life has changed in so many ways. It is my honour to be able to channel these transmissions as I hope that they will have a similar healing and expansive impact on you!

See my FAQ page for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you!



"I did not know what to expect with a light language session but I really wanted to try it. While I was listening to the recording Breelyn channeled I had visions of ocean waves and had such a free and light feeling in my heart. I could feel the vibrations throughout my body. And toward the end of the session, I felt light and floaty — a feeling that lingered for days. Breelyn’s voice is extremely soothing and comforting. I was overjoyed I tried the experience and continue to listen to the recording whenever I need a boost! I encourage anyone who is curious to receive this incredible light language medicine too!"


- Margaret C.


    This will be a 5-10 Minute MP4 Voice Note Audio Recording of a Channeled Light Language Transmission For Your Personal Intention.


    This will be sent to you via the email address that you provide.


    There will be no returns, refunds or exchanges on products or offerings. However, please contact me if you have any problems with an order. Thank you.

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