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Rose Flower Essence

Rose Flower Essence

Rose Flower Essence is a soft and nurturing essence, which helps to open the heart chakra like the spiralling petals of a beautiful blossoming rose. Our heart chakra is the bridge from our lower chakras to our higher chakras - the bridge between earth and spirit. The heart chakra governs our capacity to give and receive love and harnesses our ability to raise our conciousness and vibration. When working with Rose Essence, she helps support us to become more heart centred and more open to love. 


“Thank you beautiful one, daughter and son of the Most High. Never forget that you are Divine Love at your core. It is through your heart that you will remember.”


She helps you to connect more deeply to your inner emotional realm, and to feel the utmost compassion and unconditional love for yourself and for others. 


She helps to soothe and protect the heart, which then allows it to open fully. Rose Essence assists us with acceptance, forgiveness, and the releasing of any pain, betrayal, or wounds of the heart. She supports us in finding bliss through our own connection within. 


“Sometimes we can find ourselves emotionally hurting or upset. But we love ourselves and accept all as life. The bliss, the pain, the harshness and the beauty. It’s all love, you see. And when we understand and accept this we learn, we grow, we blossom into ourselves even more so.”


Rose Essence helps us with self confidence in every way - to love thyself completely. No matter our size, shape, form. She reminds us that we are divine beauty - we are divine love. And that we need to honour, respect, give gratitude and hail ourselves - our inner landscapes - because the beauty of life comes from within.


All true beauty comes emanating from within. 


    Rose Flower Essence is a great ally for all beings on the planet at this time of immense change, remembering and awakening. The rose plant spirit has come forward to help humanity remember how deeply loved we are by the creator. She is here to softly support us in releasing the pain in our hearts, which then allows us to fully open and live from our heart centers. This essence reminds us of the love within each and every one of us. She assists us in embodying our divinity, our beauty, our confidence, and love for ourselves and for all. 

    The Rose Flower Essence is connected to the heart chakra, to Aphrodite, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the Rose Priestess Lineage. 


    Though flower essences can be taken and used in many ways, the suggested dosage for adults when working with Rose Flower Essence is to take 3 drops, 3 times a day.

    Dosage Level:

    Dosage Level Bottles are ready to be taken as drops right from the bottle.

    Stock Level Bottles are to be further diluted for use. (These can be diluted in a glass of water to be sipped on throughout the day, or you can make your own dosage bottles).

    Enjoy the Earth Magic!


    There will be no returns, refunds or exchanges on products or offerings. However, please contact me if you have any problems with an order. Thank you. 


    Flat Rate Shipping to Canada and Internationally.

    Shipping times may vary.


    This is a 0.5 oz glass bottle of Rose Flower Essence, spring water, and conventional brandy (used for preservative).

    This Essence is charged with the sun, reiki, light language, healing energy from my spiritual and earthly team and I, and is sealed with the utmost earth magic love!

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    These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. 

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