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What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences have been used for centuries in many cultures for healing, for ceremony, and for spiritual development. 

Flower essences are liquid energetic remedies made from vibrational infusions of the flowering part of plant that address spiritual development, emotional well being, and mind-body health. 

Much like how every person has a spirit or essence, the same is true for every flower, plant, and tree. These plant spirits all offer different earth medicine! So when we ingest a flower essence we are being met spirit to spirit- which is a deep connection of healing that so many people are longing for.

When we ingest flower essences, or the highest vibrational medicine of that flower, it is meeting us at our highest vibration. So anything that doesn’t match this vibration and anything that is not of our true essence, will be shifted within us so that it can be released. (I.e- any deep-seated beliefs, patterns, or programs that have been imprinted in us, and are still affecting us in a negative way- causing us to act from our trauma or pain instead of love).

Flower essences- though they primarily focus on emotional healing- can address a wide range of ailments, and can be used in many ways. Common uses include formulas aiding in: fatigue, stress relief, anxiety, emotional pain, ascension integration, lack of motivation, lack of spiritual connection, self worth and confidence issues, boundary issues, sexual trauma, addiction, fear, guilt, depression, etc. Working with flower essences can transform your life!

See my FAQ Page for more information.

I have personally collected flower essences that I am offering, which address specific areas of healing and well being (See my Shop Page + More Coming Soon)! I also have an Apothecary Kit of several different flower, plant, and tree essences collected from all over the world! I have been fully trained and certified to create customized formulas that will help to address the specific needs of my clients.

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