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Since opening in 2020, Vibrations From Earth And Spirit has been proud to serve the planet with products and services that illuminate the soul and promote self-healing. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our authentic and unique offerings. 

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I believe people can greatly improve their lives with intuitive readings, the powerful frequencies channeled through light language and the incredible remedies carefully harnessed from the sacred flowers and plants I work with.

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See what our clients are saying...

"Breelyn is a kind and compassionate healer. Using her years of training, natural talents, and empathetic spirit, she has helped me recover from past emotional trauma and chronic physical pain. Her follow-up emails and recordings are full of encouragement and love. I highly recommend Breelyn‘s services at Vibrations From Earth And Spirit. She is a beautiful soul put on this earth to help others."

Dianne R.

"I loved my intuitive reading with Breelyn. She was very attuned to my spirit and the reading was very clear and resonated with me very much. Since the reading I've had a newfound peace in my life. I feel optimistic for the future for the first time in a very long time."

Sarah M.

"My doctor wanted to prescribe me medication for my depression and anxiety. I have always personally been against medications like that and wanted to try a more natural and holistic approach. So I decided to try flower essence therapy with Breelyn and I am so happy that I did. I have noticed huge shifts within my anxiety and especially with my anger since using flower essences. Breelyn was very understanding and supportive throughout this process. I enjoyed how Breelyn described the essences she was putting in the formulas and how they were going to help me along the way. I look forward to continuing the flower essence therapy alongside Breelyn for as long as I need too. It has changed my life!"


"I did not know what to expect with a light language session but I really wanted to try it. While I was listening to the recording Breelyn channeled I had visions of ocean waves and had such a free and light feeling in my heart. I could feel the vibrations throughout my body. And toward the end of the session, I felt light and floaty — a feeling that lingered for days. Breelyn’s voice is extremely soothing and comforting. I was overjoyed I tried the experience and continue to listen to the recording whenever I need a boost! I encourage anyone who is curious to receive this incredible light language medicine too!"

Margaret C.

"The connection Breelyn has with her cards is undeniable. With her intuition and ability, she can help to open your mind; lending yourself to deep internal thought and bringing you face to face with conclusions that you would have otherwise ignored. I asked for a general reading and it confirmed things within me that I didn’t even realize I needed confirmation of. With the use of four decks, the message became increasingly clearer throughout the duration of the reading. There was a true sense that everything was interlinked to relay the message I was meant to receive. I highly recommend her Tarot card reading service and will continue to use it in the future. Thank you Breelyn!"


"Breelyn is truly a gifted healer and practitioner. Her knowledge around healing modalities is so vast, and her explanation of how the healing energy works really helped me prepare for our Distant Energy Healing Session.
My session with her was incredibly relaxing and healing. Throughout it, I could feel the light energy. The messages she channelled from my guides and my own soul that she shared with me after the session were just as important as the healing itself. These messages really resonated with me and have continued to unfold in meaningful ways in the days and weeks since. I was so impressed with all that came through to her and love the way Breelyn’s gifts shine through her work. As for healing, I noticed a difference with my physical ailments within 24 hours, and have a new awareness around it and my healing path now. My overall body had a lightness to it in the days after our session due to her energy work. It felt like a breath of fresh air. I am so grateful for Breelyn and her gifts! I look forward to my next sessions and her continued healing support!"

Erin G.

"I had been experiencing un-wellness both physically and mentally the past couple years and after seeing countless doctors and naturopaths, I decided to seek out energy healing. I went in with no expectation and was pleased to find the process very comforting and relaxing. I wasn't specific about my ailments (throat issues and headaches) but after the distant energy healing session I discovered that both areas of my body felt so much better! Even my cough was gone. She mentioned she had discovered those areas to have some energetic debris and helped to clear and open them up. Natural healing is so much better than drugs and she has inspired me to be more open to understanding my energetic body. I am so grateful for the amazing results. I have already recommended Breelyn to several of my family and friends!"

David S.

"Breelyn's light language transmission recording was beautiful. She told me which of my chakras were blocked, particularly my throat. I actually felt it clearing up while listening, and coughed for a while. My whole body felt warm as though I was being healed on a level I didn't understand. I felt an emotional surge while listening and did cry for a while after. It felt like a much needed release. Her recording was very clear and the cosmic language she was channeling seems to come very natural to her. I love that I could download and replay the transmission too. Very impressed and happy with her service!"


"I had such an incredible distant angelic healing experience with Breelyn. From start to finish she was there to answer any questions I had and walked me through the process of what to expect. She helped me set up my environment to ensure I got the most out of my experience and I did! I could feel the healing as it took place in my body. I fell asleep at one point and woke up feeling vibrations throughout, as if a current was running through me. This was an incredibly powerful activation! After the healing I spoke with Breelyn where she told me what came through for her. It resonated deeply for me on many levels. I am so grateful for the healing experience that took place!"


"I was very grateful to receive Breelyn’s intuitive reading. The way she described so many details with the reading definitely resonated with me and provided me with some insight and validation that I needed during a trying time. I was guided to reach out and it was exactly the messages I needed. Breelyn is very in tune with her vision and ability to convey information from the spirit and higher self. I was grateful to receive the positive support and omens that helped guide me. This experience helped me get more clarity in aspects I need to work on and harmonize with for the season. I will be returning for more sessions when I am in need. Thank you and blessings."

Ryan D.

"Breelyn’s knowledge and passion for healing shined through for each of our sessions together. I was new to the realm of energy healing and she made sure to explain everything with thought and care to ensure I was comfortable and knew what to expect. During my first energy healing session my body felt completely relaxed with waves of calm as she worked through each of my chakras and areas I was having difficulty with. After the session she explained the images she saw and what she felt as she worked and we discussed their meaning together. She is an incredibly gifted practitioner and each of her modalities have aided in my healing journey. With a few questions, she created a customized flower essence formula for me which helped me to address and work through issues I’ve struggled with for much of my life. I look forward to continue having a gifted healer like Breelyn by my side throughout my healing journey. "

Elizabeth L.

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